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Big Pharma Photographs Angry Harvard Medical Students

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By now, we have all seen the picture of the handsome Pfizer sales rep taking a photo with his camera phone (Do you know this Pfizer guy?, PharmaGossip)outside the magnificent facade of Harvard Medical School. Senator Grassley has fanned the flames (Senator Asks Pfizer About Harvard Payments, NYT)and in a letter to Pfizer wrote that he was “greatly disturbed” and he wants to see the photos. The ruckus is because the target of the pictures was a group of Harvard students protesting for their school to be more independent of industry support. While recognising that I am risking being called a contrarian, I do find myself asking: so what?

The students clearly did not feel intimidated by the cameraman. They continued their protest, and later openly spoke to journalists about him. For his part, the rep was happy to identify himself to the students.

In the fallout, the Pfizer spokesman adopted his customary position. While failing to say “thank you, Sir” afterwards, he did mutter something about the pictures being for a private collection.

Perhaps I am too English, but really; mountains and molehills anyone?


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March 9, 2009 at 12:21 pm

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